If you can find this long time best seller in the library

Goodwill or Salvation Army used books stores, you will get a list of natural things to help with the fat problem.

Here are the best ones. OAT bran and lots of it. I mix it with lowfat yogurt everyday. Red Wine in moderation, one glass a day not a bottle. Avocatoes, amino acids – arginine, carnitine, proline, lysine; I use a body building variety high in arginine. Flax seed oil, olive oil, and other fiberous suppliments. Vitamin C, Nicotinic acid (B-3), folic acid and other B vitamins. Keep your diet low on fats overall.

Be sure to have your husband carry nitro for angina and it is cheap insurance. Think of trying EECP treatments as well. If you can afford a vacation, try it in Germany or India where it is cheap and other therapies are also available.

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Just carry nitro tabs and look at EECP if it gets too bad

Did they do an angiogram after the heart attack? There are some really exciting therapies coming soon.

I have been doing Granocyte therapy which is bone marrow stimulation for stem cells which has helped me tremendously. I have done two EECP complete therapies as well. There is no doubt the EECP helped but you should see how plugged up all my arteries are and not just a spot or two but all over and everyone.

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Don’t trust the doctor go get your angiogram and look at it yourself.

You will likely find the program free or on the disk. It is vital that you have the angiogram and make a copy of it. I can’t get my first one, it has been too long, but I would like to compare it to the last one I got.

I look at mine every so often and if you want to read up on how to diagnose using it, there is an excellent website that explains the whole process and teaches you heart antomy as well. I take my angiogram to the doctor and show him where the problems are. They have tried to talk me into bypass 4 times and when I show them the angiogram they all admit it is senseless.

I ask them point blank, just what are you going to bypass into? Blocked mid and distal ends? And what is that going to do? They have to admit I am right. One doctor told my cardiologist that I knew more about my heart than she did. She suggested bypass without even looking at the angiogram. And she calls herself a doctor?

Here is the website and by the way I used WinHTTtrack (freeware) and downloaded the whole site so I don’t have to go online.

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Your post struck a chord with me

I was 44 when I had my MI and I’m not Diabetic, but other than that I had much the same feelings. It’s a massive shock to the ego when all of a sudden your on your back and not sure of a future. The best advice I can give is stay ahead of yourself and your feelings. I used my daughters impending wedding and the birth of my first grandchild as a focal points. When those were in the past I found other points at http://www.sildenafil100mgtablets.biz and times to get through the bad spots. I have heard that emotional bursts are normal after an MI. From my experience cardiologists aren’t too great as listeners. If it’s too bad you should seek professional counselling. Don’t let it consume you.

As far as weight control, that can be tough for some if not most people. Weight control isn’t a diet or exercise, it’s a lifestyle change that must be permenant to be effective. People have a tendency to fad diet, and fad exercise, which is an enormous mistake. Cardiac Therapy is a good starting point. From there go slowly at your own pace. It’s sort of like the old Nike slogan “Just Do It”. Thats really the key. Too many Dont just do it. They Just vegetate which is the largest mistake.

Weight is second only to smoking in importance of things we can control to stay healthy. Some doctor somewhere told me that 10lbs of extra weight makes your heart load increase like it has to pump through a tube 5 miles long. I don’t know how accurate that is but I do know THAT I feel much better when my weight is controled. I let my weight go up 64 lbs after my MI and I started getting edema, shortness of breath, and just plain felt terrible.

So look forward to life, especially the highs and JUST DO IT!!!
Take care

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Effexor has finally kicked in

I find myself far more energy during the day – almost as though I was on an “upper”.

I even got up at 5:30 today. That’s the time I used to get up when I was still working – before the stroke. Felt refreshed and rip-roaring to go. (I was sleeping ’til 9:00’ish before starting Effexor).

But, best of all – pain levels have gone down a notch or two = YEA!

Color me a “happy camper” – unless I suddenly crash and auger in.

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When I switched from Celexa to Cymbalta

I went down to half the Celexa dosage for two weeks then stopped the Celexa and started the Cymbalta-no problems I’m glad to say but that is ME! Every one has different reactions. I went on Cymbalta to mitigate the pain and I thought it did, a bit but now itza full force and I don’t know why. Gonna hafta do the nasty nasty brain MRI I’m afraid. Any one else have a nasty rise in pain and cannot figure it out?

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Due to the mixture of drugs most of us take

dry mouth – especially at night – can be a real problem. At the very least it’s very hard on teeth, causing them to crack, develop cavities, rot, gingivitis, on-n-on. So enter the never ending of finding the perfect solution to this problem.

There are mouth sprays, like Oasis or Biotin, that can be used. Personally, I like the refreshing taste of Oasis.

But, any of these have a limited time that they are active. Sometime after you fall asleep they stop working. I’ve recently had have two gold crowns because my back molars disintegrated. Those were NOT cheap – $3,000. I had to have gold because I’m a “grinder” at night. Porcelain would have disintegrated under that kind of pressure, too.

Some people use gum or a pebble with varying degrees of success. They wouldn’t work for me because I’d swallow them in no time at all.

Have you found anything that gives you overnight protection? If so, please share with the forum.

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Ya think?

The clinic gets quite a few patients on one of the “invogue” diets that includes eating lemons as part of the regime. They come in with a chief complaint of not feeling well since beginning that diet. Subsequent blood work showed them to be anemic.
My understanding is that eating lemons doesn’t cause the anemia but it does mask it.

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In addition to medication side effects

my Dentist discovered that my salivary glands stopped functioning after my strokes. The lemon wedges were to hrlp stimulate those glands. He also instructed me to thoroughly swish water through my mouth immediately after each lemon wedge. I have heard that one popular diet reccomends eating lemons everyday. That concerns me because eating lemons is supposed to be a signal of anemia.

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That could be the culprit

A friend of min on the South Beach Diet took to drinking her water with lemons,make that lemons with her water, she go to where whe was literally eating 20-30 lemons /day. she began having pain in her teeth and the dentist told her the enamel was erroded and the nerves were being exposed. She gave up the habit and I believe all is well.

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For goodness sake don’t suck on Lemon wedges!

Acid and carbohydrate– Bacteria’s best friend– would end up with lots of root decay!
We recommend:
— Biotene products
— carrying a water bottle with you — swish and swallow.

–MD Anderson Cancer research center found that rinsing with a weak baking soda and water solution was more soothing than most things for patients undergoing radiation treatment for Cancer.

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In fact of all:

citrus fruits, lemon isĀ  probably the hardest on tooth enamel. I should have specified the lemon thing was to stimulate my sluggish salivary glands and the dentist also told me to rinse my mouth frequently. He hoped that by stimulating the gland my mouth could eventually produce enough saliva to keep the inside of my mouth moist.

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Dry Mouth

I know that a lot of people use Biotene for dry mouth but my dentist recently gave me some Oasis. He says it’s better than Biotene. I find that it has a better flavor but admit that the Biotene really didn’t taste bad, either.

Have any of you had your dentists make recommendations as to which product to use for dry mouth? btw – while Oasis works well, it only works for about 2 hours which is about the same length of time for Biotene. During the day I still prefer sucking on smething bitter or using bitter drops. That seems to last longer than 2 hours.

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Isn’t dry mouth also due to

if you have asthma, if your blood sugar is rising, consumtion of too much alcohol to name a few other reasons for dry mouth.

Suzanne- Yep there are several different causes of “dry mouth” I think thehealth history questionaires people have to fill out at a dentists office are to help identify any possible causes. I think mouthwashes with an alcohol content can cause dry mouth too. I do take a few medications that have a known side effect of causing dry mouth and my Dentist noticed during an exam that my “spit glands” were no longer functioning after my stroke. I did end up getting full dentures a few years ago. I still go for annual exams of my mouth and the last time I went in he suggested putting a few drops of the drink mixer bitters the back of my tongue. 4 out of 5 medications I take can cause dry mouth, my spit glands are now more active than they were a year or so after my stroke. They were never blocked or infected, they were just “underactive” Anyone who has had a stroke should definitely become more diligent about going to the dentist whether they are on medications that cause dry mouth or not. My muscle weakness on the left side of my face lead to some misalignment of my jaw as well as causing my spit glands to not function.

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